Undergraduate Licence: Archaeology - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Archaeology



Archaeology is the study of societies of the past, through the discovery of the material elements that they have left behind. The research field is extremely varied, stretching from gigantic monuments from great civilisations of antiquity, to the most understated traces of human activity such as the pollen grains of cultivated plant species. This range includes Prehistoric art, tombs from the Middle Ages, the traces of an abandoned village from the 1st millennium BC, and so on. From excavation site to laboratory, from the trowel to the scanning electron microscope, archaeology is characterised by a research process and a methodological diversity that are both quite remarkable. The Archaeological Science pathway, which falls under the undergraduate Licence Art History and Archaeology, is an original and innovative programme on a national level. The programme’s aim is to introduce students to this range of approaches, via varied teaching methods that place great importance on the practical aspects of the discipline.

The fact that this programme is offered by Bordeaux Montaigne University is not a matter of chance. With two laboratories that are closely involved in Archaeological Science (the Ausonius lab and the IRAMAT-CRPAA lab), the university has a considerable research infrastructure at its disposal. This has been recognised on a national level, as demonstrated by the university’s involvement in the LaScArBx Cluster of Excellence. The teaching staff represents a wide variety of competences and expertise. Its active and continuous role in research activities, on site, and in the laboratory, serves to benefit the learning experience of students during their undergraduate studies.

This pathway represents an expansion of the previous archaeology pathway, which allowed for specialisation from the third year of undergraduate study (Licence 3). With this broader programme, we intend to give students a comprehensive and diverse training, thus ensuring them the best possible chances of success in what is a truly fascinating professional field.



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