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Student life contribution : a compulsory step

Student life contribution

This contribution (called CVEC) is to improve university facilities (social and health cares, cultural and sports activities). In order to enrol in our university, it is compulsory to pay this fee and present the certificate justifying payment. The CVEC concerns every future student in the university.

When to pay off the CVEC?

The platform : is external) is open from July the 1st 2018.

It has to be paid before administrative registration is posible. The code obtained on the individual certificate is compulsory.

How to pay CVEC?

SECTION "VOTRE ATTESTATION" and then "Obtenir mon attestation" ; you have to create your account and fill in the form.

An additional cost of €5.00 is necessary for any payment in a post office. You will get a receipt of payment. Within 48 hours, you will get a link to load your CVEC certificate.

How much is the CVEC?

It costs €90.00.

Who is exempt?

  • Refugees
  • People under subsidiary protection*
  • Asylum seekers

BE CAREFUL : even i f you are exempt from payment, you have to connect and load your document. You will get the certificate within 48 hours.