Introduction to Game Studies - DEFLE - Français Langue Étrangère

Introduction to Game Studies

Crédits ECTS : 5.0

Travaux Dirigés 12h

Cours Magistral 12h

Effectif maximal : 27

Composante : UFR Langues et Civilisations

Période de l'année : Semestre 1

Formes d'enseignement : Non


The first part of this seminar aims at providing students with a critical vocabulary and a variety of theoretical approaches to video games. It will seek to provide a historical and cultural overview of the medium, to question its boundaries and to introduce students both to game studies and play studies.
Though part of the lecture will be devoted to formal analysis (using narratology and weighing in on the narratologist/ludologist debate), the emphasis will be put on the uses of video games, on the discourses and practices which they foster. Thus, the history of the medium will be approached both as a factual chronology and as a process of self-definition, as demonstrated by the rise of retrogaming, but also by the way contemporary “independent” games appropriate and rewrite this history, the better to establish their alternative credentials. Contemporary concerns such as the increasing fragmentation of the various player communities (“hardcore” vs. “casual”/”AAA” vs. “Indy”) and, more crucially, the issue of gender representations in games will also be broached.
Students will be expected to conduct a range of theoretical readings, but also to play selected games in a sustained fashion in the course of the seminar, and to participate in class discussions. Though a familiarity with the medium and some of its main products is recommended, this seminar does not take as a pre-requisite an extensive knowledge of either contemporary or classical video games.


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