Thème 5 - DEFLE - Français Langue Étrangère

Thème 5

Travaux Dirigés 12h

Composante : UFR Langues et Civilisations

Période de l'année : Semestre 5

Formes d'enseignement : Accessible à distance




Translation classes will help you build a competence in translation practice, improve your writing skills in French or English, and have a theoretical approach to languages and translation. Students will learn how to translate a literary or more civilization-oriented text from French to English and vice versa; to acquire different translation techniques, as well as an enlarged and richer lexicon, adapted to register and context; to have a grasp of the compared syntax of French and English; to translate the tenses of the past; to handle the different registers and levels of language; the translation of cultural references. Classes rely on collective training and translation from literary or journalistic texts.

Contrôle des connaissances

Session 1 :

*Étudiants en régime général : Évaluation écrite et/ou orale (un ou plusieurs devoirs semestriels dans chaque ECUE).

*Étudiants en régime spécial : Épreuve écrite : 2h (thème et version).

Session 2 (« rattrapage ») : épreuve écrite 2 heures commune S5 et S6 (version et / ou thème)

Informations complémentaires

This course is taught in a mixture of French and English. A high level is required in both of these languages.

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