Training for trainers - the DAEFLE professional qualification - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Training for trainers - the DAEFLE professional qualification


This is a programme of study that trains students to teach French as a Foreign Language. The qualification awarded is the ‘Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Étrangère’ (DAEFLE). One of the advantages of this qualification, which can be earned in just one year, lies in the opportunities that participants have to shadow teachers and to lead French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes. Participants thus gain a real training in teaching a foreign language.

Who is this aimed at?

French-speaking candidates

This programme of study is primarily aimed at classroom teachers working for French National Education, particularly those teachers receiving children in their classes who have recently arrived in France. As a minimum requirement, candidates must hold an undergraduate degree, or French ‘licence’.

Non-French speaking candidates

This programme of study is open to: teachers, language teaching assistants, former DEFLE students with level DUEFF 6, Erasmus students with a strong level of French language (DALF certification level C1 or equivalent).


Organisation of classes

This programme of study starts at the beginning of September and ends in mid-June (approximately 220 teaching hours).

Depending on the participants, classes take place:

  • either, all day on Wednesday (with the occasional Saturday morning),
  • or, on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

There are no classes during school holidays.

Attendance is compulsory: this is not a distance-learning programme.

For the academic year 2017-2018, classes take place all day Wednesday (8:30am to12:30pm and 13:30pm to 5:30pm), with occasional Saturday mornings (8:30am to 12:30pm).

Further information about the programme and programme content.