Day classes - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Day classes

Day classes offer students the opportunity to develop and improve their knowledge of French language and culture.

Students are awarded with university certifications, known as ‘Diplômes d'Université (DU)’, which correspond to the CERF levels, from basic user (A1) to proficient user (C2). Attention: these university certifications (DU) are not the same as the DELF/DALF certifications. Nor do they enable you to enrol at the university.

Organisation :

Classes are organised into 2 separate semesters (12 weeks per semester):

  • Semester 1: from September to December
  • Semester 2: from January to May

Total hours:  16 teaching hours per week

Class content:

In all classes, students develop key skills in listening comprehension, oral, reading comprehension and writing.

From level B1 onwards, the programmes of study include a choice of classes including:

  • French for Specific Purposes (Business French, French for Tourism)
  • French and Francophone culture (civilisation, media, literature, theatre, music, art, cinema, etc.).


Students are assessed by continuous assessment.

Contact :

  • Yasmina Maréchal:
  • Chloé Rouchaleau:
  • Email: defle @

New refund policy

On October 12, 2022, the conditions of reimbursement changed. They are at the discretion of the DEFLE management. Management fees are the following:  

For a registration amount less than or equal to 70€: no fee
For a registration fee less than or equal to 950€: 60 euros
For a registration amount of more than 950€: 80 euros

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