Compulsory procedure - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Compulsory procedure at the start of the semester
4 steps to follow when you arrive at the DEFLE

It is imperative that you do the following:

1. Placement test

You must take the placement test (attendance is compulsory).

2. Consult the results

Once the placement test results have been published, you must attend the meeting that takes place before teaching starts, where you will receive your timetable for the semester.

3. To get your certificate of the Student Life Contribution : a compulsory step


The platform : is external) is open from July the 1st 2018.

It has to be paid before administrative registration is posible. The code obtained on the individual certificate is compulsory.


- By connecting on : is external) by credit card

SECTION "VOTRE ATTESTATION" and then "Obtenir mon attestation" ;  you have to create your account and fill in the form.

-By paying cash in a post office : the list of the different post offices is available on cliquez-ici (link is external)

An additional cost of €5.00 is necessary for any payment in a post office. You will get a receipt of payment. Within 48 hours, you will get a link to load your CVEC certificate.


It costs €90.00.


- Refugees

- People under subsidiary protection*

-Asylum seekers

BE CAREFUL : even i f you are exempt from payment, you have to connect and load your document. You will get the certificate within 48 hours.


4. Administrative enrollment

During the first two weeks of classes, you must also complete your administrative enrolment. You will then receive your proof of enrolment and your student card

You don't need anymore to join the student's social security with your university, so no contribution to be paid anymore.

1st case : you are already a student registered to the student's social security : you keep it for this year (you have to see directly with your agency to know the procedures 2018-2019).

2nd case : you are a new student and you can be registered to the student's social security cause you have a french parent

3rd case : you are a new student, you have to register online on plateforme en ligne dédié (opening: 1st september). In case, you can contact the CPAM close to your place of residence.

4. Teaching options

During the third and fourth week of classes, from level DUEF 3 onwards, you must complete your teaching options enrolment, where you will state the study options you have chosen.

If you choose to continue your studies within the DEFLE department for the following semester, you will need complete steps 2, 3 and 4 again.