Partnerships - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language


Conventions exist between Université Bordeaux Montaigne and the following universities:

  • Australia: University of Technology Sydney
  • Canada: York University
  • South Korea: Catholic University of Korea, Seoul
  • Japan: Hirosaki University, Iwate University, Kumamoto University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Niigata University Faculty of Humanities, Okayama University, and Ritsumeikan University
  • USA: Bryn Athyn College, California, and Kent State University



The DEFLE department of Université Bordeaux Montaigne is a member of the ‘Association des Directeurs des Centres Universitaires d’Etudes Françaises pour Étudiants Étrangers’ (ADCUEFE), which is part of the Campus FLE network. This association seeks to bring together and maintain standards among almost 40 French universities that offer programmes to foreign teachers and students for the study of French as a Foreign Language.