Master’s: Al-Andalus Studies - Historical, Arabic and Iberian Perspectives - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Al-Andalus Studies - Historical, Arabic and Iberian Perspectives



This Master’s programme of study aims to produce students who are adept at carrying out multidisciplinary research across a collection of themes and subjects related to al-Andalus and to the Islamic West more generally, both past and present. Al-Andalus covers the regions of the Iberian Peninsula that were occupied by Arab Muslim peoples from the eighth century to the end of the fifteenth century.


This Master’s programme in Al-Andalus Studies includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. The objective of this programme of study is to encourage students to:

  • gain a good command of and ability to implement the theoretical and methodological tools used in the study of countries with historical links to the concept of al-Andalus, on the subject of languages, literatures, societies, cultures, thought, the arts and the history of texts and techniques;
  • gain awareness of the principal fields in the scientific study of the cultures and societies of al-Andalus, as well as the main theories and key findings in these fields;
  • have a full understanding and be able to apply the rules of scientific procedure (observation, formulation of research questions, critical analysis of sources, data collection, formulating hypotheses, interpretation, application of theories etc.);
  • be competent in finding and using scientific publications;
  • specialise in a scientific field on the basis of properly led research. 



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