Master’s: Chinese Studies - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Chinese Studies



The Master’s programme in Chinese Studies includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units.

It is based in equal measure on research activity and experience of the professional context.

This Master’s is geared towards research-oriented professions and draws primarily on the scientific output of the team of teaching staff and university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme.  


Understand contemporary China and acquire a high standard of linguistic skill.This Master’s programme in Chinese Studies aims to increase students’ understanding of contemporary China and to provide them with a sophisticated level of linguistic skill.

The objectives are three-fold. The programme aims to:  

  • offer students who have an undergraduate Licence degree in Chinese an essential complement to their learning in Chinese language and civilisation thus far, without which further vocational training might not be possible;
  • offer an introduction to research skills, with specialised seminar units and classes on research methodology, to enable students better define the direction and tools of their research and to develop a capacity for autonomous critical reflection;
  • encourage students to acquire a sophisticated understanding of Chinese culture in order to help them build their specialism, which will be necessary in their future employment. 



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