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Master’s: Design – Innovation, Interaction and Services



This Master’s programme in Design, with a subject pathway entitled ‘Innovation, Interaction and Services’, comprises theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units.  

It is based on research activity and experience of the professional context in equal measure.

This Master’s is available as a single, vocationally oriented pathway aiming at students’ direct entry into employment without the need for doctoral studies. This subject pathway combines university learning with skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts.


The ultimate aim of this Master’s programme in Design is to shape designers who are:

  • agile and proactive in the digital sector, in service industries, in creative industries, in R&D industries, in public or private structures and in manufacturing;
  • capable of applying their capacity for reflexivity and flexibility to a range of project contexts, in order to contribute to the improvement of our world’s habitability and to play a major role in breakthrough innovations.

Design positions itself within a creative field that interrogates the scientific advances and professional sectors emerging from the sociocultural, economic, technological and industrial transformations currently underway. These transformations encourage today’s designers to come up with and give meaning to new uses for the relationships between space, product, information, image, experience and services. In this way, it is designers who can redefine the way in which people, products and services interact within a given context. Via a humanist and reflexive approach and a critical analysis of societal issues and questions, and in light of the accelerated development of digital technologies, this programme of study interrogates the contexts, actors, uses and consumers in Design Thinking. 



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