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Master’s: Experimentation and Research in the Performing Arts



The Master’s programme in Experimentation and Research in the Performing Arts is primarily aimed at those students who wish to learn about the methods for and development of projects that bring together on-stage experimentation and theory-based research. The ‘Performing Arts’ covers theatre but also dance, performance and all other on-stage forms of expression. This Master’s programme is based on a close relationship between theory and practice. It combines skills, knowledge and techniques in order to maintain strong ties between the research-based and vocational elements of this programme.

This Master’s programme is organised around five major axes (epistemology, history of dramatic form, seminar units, workshops and the professional world of theatre) and is open to cross-disciplinary and multicultural perspectives. It is based on research activity and experience of the professional environment, and is set firmly within the context of this diverse and fluid sphere. 


With this programme of study, students are able to acquire the knowledge and skills that are considered to be essential both for entry into artistic, cultural and research-oriented professions on the one hand, and for the development of scientific, artistic or cultural projects on the other. The programme of study is also overseen by a team of university lecturer-researchers who themselves have worked in the performing arts, theatre arts and the field of cultural policies and institutions. 



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