Master’s: French as a Foreign Language - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: French as a Foreign Language



The Master’s in French as a Foreign Language comprises theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is based on experience of the professional context (via internships). The Master’s programme in French as a Foreign Language aims at students’ direct entry into employment. After a first non-specialised year, students may choose between two subject pathways in the second year.

  • A subject pathway in ‘Digital Environments and Hybrid/Distance Learning Programmes’.
  • A subject pathway in ‘Pedagogical Coordination and Audience Diversification’.

If they wish, students may continue their higher education by pursuing doctoral studies.


Since 2005 this Master’s has offered its students an in-depth programme of study in the field of language didactics and particularly the didactics of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and French as a Second Language (FLS). This is a specific and multidisciplinary Master’s programme.

It produces teachers and pedagogical co-ordinators who are competent in teaching French language and creating study programmes adapted to specific audiences and/or the digital devices used in language teaching.



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