Master’s: Germanic Studies - Identities, Mediations, Multiculturalism - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Germanic Studies - Identities, Mediations, Multiculturalism



The Master’s in Germanic studies comprises theory-based, methodology-based and practical units. It is based on research activity and experience of the professional context. It draws on the scientific output of the team of the university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme.

This programme is diverse in nature, placing emphasis on mediation, the built-in internship and the monitoring of and follow-up on students’ individual professional projects. As such, the programme can address Germanist students who are keen to direct their studies towards a profession in research, as well as those students who have other professional ambitions and wish to deepen their knowledge of the German language and the history and culture of German-speaking countries.


The Master’s in Germanic Studies – Identities, Mediations, Multiculturalism enables students to acquire a set of linguistic, cultural and intercultural skills that are recognised in German and French/German spheres.

Within the field of Germanic studies in France, this Master’s is particularly unique and original in that it pays attention to a tendency observed in German-speaking countries towards international openness.

The Master’s programme explores the historical, intercultural and socio-political dimensions of these tendencies, as well as the their artistic, cinematographic, literary and media expressions. Students thus develop skills in research, documentation, the transmission of knowledge and mediation.



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