Master’s: Hispanic Studies and Hispanic American Studies - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Hispanic Studies and Hispanic American Studies



The Master’s in Hispanic Studies and Hispanic American Studies includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. This programme of study, which is directed towards research-oriented professions, draws on the scientific output of the team of teaching staff and university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme.

The programme is aimed at students with a capacity for autonomy and who are attracted by the idea of high-level research with a fieldwork element.

There is a total of 300 teaching hours across the first and second years of this two-year programme. In addition, students are expected to attend conferences, study days and colloquiums.

This Master’s programme in Hispanic Studies is backed by the accredited research unit EA 3656 AMERIBER, which has been classified A+ by the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (AERES).


This a high-level programme of study aimed at students who have an undergraduate Licence degree in Spanish (Spanish language, literature, history and the visual arts of Spain and Hispanic America).

The programme can be adapted to suit students’ particular professional ambitions, whether these include the competitive entry examination for secondary-school teaching (‘CAPES’), the competitive university examination for teachers (‘Agrégation’) or doctoral studies.

There is an introduction to research and a consolidation of the language, literature and civilisation skills acquired during the undergraduate Licence degree.



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