Master’s: International Business and Emerging Countries - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: International Business and Emerging Countries



The Master’s programme in International Business and Emerging Countries includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units.

It is based on research activity and experience of the professional context.

The programme aims at students’ direct entry into employment and brings together university learning with skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts. 


This Master’s programme in International Business aims to produce future executives in the field of imports/exports, who are appreciated for their linguistic and business skills. Imports/exports is a booming sector in terms of employment opportunities.

The key objective of this programme is to shape students who are specialists in the markets of emerging countries, where there is significant room for improvement for French (and other) markets, given the higher buying power of the middle classes. This includes the African continent in its broadest sense (North Africa, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa) but also tackles the Latin American markets (Central and South America) and the Asian and Eurasian markets (South East Asia, Russia and the CIS etc.). We compare the demand in these different markets with the qualified outputs in key sectors there such as the agrifood sector, the health sector, industry and urban development.

Moreover, the programme particularly looks at key international organisations such as the European Commission and the UN, so that students and future professionals are equipped with an understanding of the respective functioning of these organisations and can apply this knowledge in exporting to a range of markets.

This programme of study in International Business is available as a basic programme of initial study, but can also be undertaken as part of a work/study programme when combined with a professional apprenticeship or trainee contract. 



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