Master’s: Linguistic Science - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Linguistic Science



This is a generalist Master’s programme in the field of Linguistic Science.

The Master’s in Linguistic Science at Université Bordeaux Montaigne offers an advanced training covering all of the key domains that make up linguistics. From the second semester onwards the programme is organised into two distinct subject pathways.

  • A research pathway entitled ‘Theory and Description of Language and Languages’.
  • A vocational pathway entitled ‘Linguistics: Corpora and Digital Tools’ (including an internship of 420 hours).


Programme objectives

The course units offered within the two subject pathways are characterised by their triple identity: they aim to be descriptive, theoretical and applied. 

The decision to integrate course units that focus entirely on digital tools and corpora has been made in response to an increasing demand for linguists who, whilst they may not be computer scientists, are able to join multidisciplinary projects and collaborate with information technology teams. This is with a view to carrying out expert evaluation of linguistic data and developing tools and applications linked to human language.

These practical skills have also become indispensable for those who wish to carry out advanced research in the field of linguistics (searching through texts, assembling and analysing corpora, handling oral data etc.).

Students enrolled in this Master’s will develop within a stimulating and friendly atmosphere. They will have the opportunity to mix with other students from a range of different countries and academic backgrounds (linguistic science, foreign languages, literature, psychology, philosophy, computer science etc.).



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