Master’s: Mixed-media Arts - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Mixed-media Arts



The Master’s programme in Mixed-media Arts includes practice-based, theory-based and methodology based course units.

It is based in equal measure on research activity and experience of the professional context.

This Master’s programme of study is available as one of two subject pathways. 

  • A subject pathway that is directed towards professions related to mixed-media arts research, which draws primarily on the artistic and scientific output of the team of teaching staff and university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme. This pathway has close ties to the creative world.
  • A subject pathway with a more vocational focus. The ‘Artistic Contributor: Artistic Practices and Social Action’ pathway aims at direct entry into employment, without doctoral studies. This pathway brings together university learning with skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts. 


This Master’s programme ultimately aims to enable students to see through a project of a high academic standard (equivalent to five years of French higher education, or Bac +5), in mixed-media arts, in aesthetics and in art science. The programme also intends to develop a strong link between theory and practice, by prioritising both the creative and experimental positioning of its students, and their procedures of reflection and ideation.

The vocational pathway entitled ‘Artistic Contributor: Artistic Practices and Social Action’, offers an apprenticeship in the creation and development processes of artistic projects with a socio-educational dimension, within a range of social contexts (including schools, extracurricular and socio-educational associations, and in the fields of rehabilitation services, health and leisure services, welcome centres and housing services). 



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