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Master’s: Music and Culture



The Master’s in Musicology at Université Bordeaux Montaigne is backed by several research centres and comprises one single subject pathway entitled ‘Music and Culture’.

This subject pathway includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied and practical course units. The music classes are incorporated within a multidisciplinary pedagogical framework, which is directed towards the arts and cultural studies. This is so as to offer students the best possible prospects of adapting to the professional context, where a broad and open professional profile is an essential requirement.

The Master’s in Musicology draws mainly on the scientific and artistic output of the teaching staff and university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme.

The first year of this two-year programme is merged to a large extent with the Master’s for Future Teachers of Music (Master MEEF Music) in preparation for the competitive recruitment competition for secondary school teachers (‘CAPES’). 


Backed by research

This Master’s programme subscribes fully to the recommendations from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as outlined in the research findings of the StraNES report, which favour university research that is innovative, interdisciplinary, outward-looking and active on regional, national and international levels.

It thus favours cooperation with and links to artistic and scientific networks that emerge as a result of training programmes and research or within professional contexts. Our large team includes university lecturer-researchers from a range of disciplines and areas of research: musicology, anthropology, cinema and audiovisual media, mixed-media arts, art history, aesthetics, religions and societies, French and foreign literature etc. 



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