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Master’s: Research into Literary Studies



The Master’s in Research into Literary Studies (REEL) includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is geared towards research-oriented professions and draws first and foremost on the scientific output of the university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme of study.

There is a choice between three possible subject options. Two of these options, the ‘Literature and Human Sciences’ and the ‘World Literatures and Arts’ options, are exclusively dedicated to research. The third option, the ‘Applied Literatures’ option, offers a mixed pathway, combining an introduction to research with the active preparation for competitive examinations for the recruitment of secondary school or university teachers (‘CAPES’ and ‘Agrégation’ respectively). 


The Master’s in Research into Literary Studies is aimed at any student of modern or classical literature who wishes to gain an introduction to French literature (from the Middle Ages to contemporary literature).

The programme is also aimed to students seeking an introduction to a linguistic approach to texts and to the fields of classical literature, comparative literature and Francophone and Occitan literature in relation with the human sciences and the arts.

The Master’s programme in Research into Literary Studies offers a solid and coherent programme of study in the fields of literature, the humanities and the arts, with a view to doctoral studies and/or preparation for competitive recruitment examinations for teachers (‘CAPES’ and ‘Agrégation’).

This programme of study is mindful of wanting to deliver sophisticated multidisciplinary and artistic cultural knowledge. It intends first and foremost to train students in research skills, the development of a bibliography and the exploitation of resources for documentary research in French and in the other main languages of study. The programme provides an introduction to key research questions in the field, raising students’ awareness of the epistemological issues there and exploring questions of theory and method. Students also learn to write a dissertation and to organise collective projects (study days, colloquiums, journal issues etc.). 




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