Master’s: Translation for Publication Purposes - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Translation for Publication Purposes



The Master’s programme in Translation for Publication Purposes includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is based on research activity and experience of the professional context in equal measure. There is a single, vocationally oriented pathway, which aims at students’ direct entry into employment without doctoral studies. This subject pathway brings together university learning with skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts.


Programme Objectives

This programme consolidates the skills acquired during prior university studies in the field of translation. The course units that are taught within the framework of classes on translation into French, both during the undergraduate Licence degree and the first year of this two-year programme, give students a training in the practice of translation as an academic exercise. However, only a specialised programme of study can properly prepare students to face the issues and challenges that are unique to the field of professional translation: production of a long text, follow-up, fast turn-around times and a range of publishing constraints.

The aim of the programme is thus to offer students a programme of study which, for the most part, is taught by key actors in the sector (translators and publishers). Thus the internship, individual tutorials and group-translation workshops led by professional translators are of great importance. They ensure that the programme of study matches the particular requirements of the literary translation sector, in order to ensure the employability of its graduates.



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