Master’s: Archaeological Operations – Strategies and Techniques - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Archaeological Operations – Strategies and Techniques



This one-year Master 2 programme is equivalent to the second year of the two-year French Master’s programme. It comes under the Master’s programme entitled Archaeology and Sciences for Archaeological Purposes. The subject pathway entitled ‘Archaeological Operations – Strategies and Techniques’ prepares students to participate and to play an active role within preventative or ‘rescue’ archaeology operations. They will learn to handle the data and samples collected from archaeological excavation sites and add value to their work by considering the scientific dimension of the discipline.


Programme objectives

The programme of study aims to enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge that correspond to needs observed on site and in the management and promotion of archaeological operations. Graduates of this programme thus put the necessary procedures in place in order to investigate and evaluate the potential of an archaeological site. They participate in archaeological operations within which they might occupy supervisory posts, most often as middle managers. They ensure that samples and data collected from excavations are properly preserved for study. They will add value to their work via the production of reports and publications linked to their fieldwork.



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