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Master’s: Care, Ethics and Health



This programme provides a thorough training in ethical reflection, as applied to the care and health sectors.

This Master’s is available as a continued-development programme and constitutes a response to demands from health professionals who have found that they lack the necessary theoretical understanding to support their practice. This Master’s programme can thus be a way of reinforcing professional development or a career change. Alternatively, as a basic programme of initial study this programme can prepare students for professions related to training, mediation and supervision in the fields of care and health. The programme opened in 2005 (under its original title ‘Practical Philosophy: Human Life and Medicine’) with the ambition of meeting these new training needs via the creation of strong links between the practices of health professionals on the one hand, and academic knowledge deriving from the disciplines of the human sciences and law on the other.


Programme objectives

Throughout this Master’s programme, students can expect to acquire a strong general grounding in the field of care, ethics and health (a good understanding of the health sector and the professional practices to be found there; broad general knowledge of the domains of medicine, medical ethics and bioethics). Students must also become familiar with academic skills and practices (methods for interrogating a given issue and reflecting critically, a good command of written expression and clear argumentation, introduction to bibliographic work). The acquisition of these two key skill sets ultimately contributes to the thorough training of our students in ethical thought. First and foremost the programme develops a capacity for sophisticated expression of theory-driven and practice-based ideas. It encourages a propensity for sensitive reflection on the singularity of clinical cases and equips students to face the necessity for – and often the difficulty associated with – interdisciplinary reflection and collaborative negotiations.

 The team of teaching staff brings together academic specialists from the Departments of Philosophy, Law, and Human and Social Sciences on the one hand (university lecturer-researchers from Université Bordeaux Montaigne and the University of Bordeaux) and health professionals on the other (hospital practitioners, teaching hospital practitioners, heads of hospital departments, town doctors, paramedics, healthcare executives).



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