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Master’s: Communications and Generations – Audience Analyses



The Master’s programme entitled Communications for Organisations, with a subject pathway in ‘Communication and Generations – Studying Audiences’, aims to train students to be communication managers, project managers and research managers, mediators and public relations managers capable of working with organisations in the private and public sectors (agencies, companies, public and private institutions, associations etc.). The programme of study offers students the possibility of concluding their studies at level Bac+5 (equivalent to five years of French higher education) in order to seek employment, or alternatively of pursuing doctoral studies, terminating their studies at level Bac+8 (equivalent to eight years of French higher education).


The Master’s programme in ‘Communications and Generations – Audience Analyses’ trains students to implement communications policies, from outlining strategies to developing the necessary tools, and to expertly assess different audiences (status, activity, representation).

The programme thus offers an added advantage in the eyes of any organisation seeking to appoint communications officers with expert knowledge of the age groups, life cycles (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, old age) and generations of their target audiences. More specifically, the programme responds to the needs of companies that are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for a generational and/or intergenerational approach in their communications strategy. The communications models in practice within such organisations further confirm the advantages of pursuing this specialised programme of study, which is truly one of a kind in France. 



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