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Master’s: Communications – Consulting and Expertise



The Master’s programme entitled Communications for Organisations, with a subject pathway in ‘Communications – Consulting and Expertise’, aims to train students from Bordeaux Montaigne University to be consultants, communications auditors, research managers and university lecturer-researchers in the field of communications for organisations. The programme of study offers students the option of concluding their studies at level Bac+5 (equivalent to five years of French higher education) in order to seek employment, or alternatively of pursuing doctoral studies, terminating their studies at level Bac+8 (equivalent to eight years of French higher education).


The Master’s programme in Communications – Consulting and Expertise trains students to offer communications diagnostics and advice to organisations in the private and public sectors.

For students leaving higher education and entering employment at level Bac+5, the objective is to be able to provide reliable diagnostic information and make recommendations in response to the problems that companies are encountering in today’s day and age. For those students who hope to pursue further study to level Bac+8, the objective is to produce an applied research-based dissertation in the field of communications for organisations. 



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