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Master’s: Coordination of Cultural and Intercultural Projects (IPCI)



This Master’s programme in Coordination of Cultural and Intercultural Projects (IPCI) comprises theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is available as one single, vocationally oriented subject pathway. It aims at students’ direct entry into employment, but also offers those students who wish to puruse doctoral studies the opportunity to do so. This pathway brings together university learning and skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts in equal measure. 


With over ten years’ experience, the Master’s in Coordination of Cultural and Intercultural Projects has not only firmly established itself as a top programme in the field of cultural coordination, but is also one of the rare programmes to consider both European and intercultural contexts. Thanks to a careful balance between technical know-how in the field of cultural coordination on the one hand and a humanist approach on the other, this Master’s programme hopes to shape future leaders in the cultural world generally. The programme can be followed as an initial programme of basic study or as a programme of continued development.

This Master’s programme has been devised in partnership with Sciences Po Bordeaux (Institute of Political Science). Although it is firmly anchored in the field of the humanities, it also offers a demanding pathway that prepares students for entry into employment. An extensive network of public bodies, associations and private partnerships provides a constant point of contact with the changes underway in cultural professions.

The objective of this programme is to develop students’ flexibility and open-mindedness towards the world, enabling them to meaningfully position their own artistic and cultural action with regard to contemporary concerns and issues. This artistic and cultural action may be within the framework of regional authorities, the voluntary sector or within cultural bodies. This Master’s programme also prepares students for the ideation, launch, management and evaluation of cultural projects with an intercultural or international scope. Therein lies the particular appeal and originality of this programme of study.

The Master’s in Coordination of Cultural and Intercultural Projects is associated with the Université Bordeaux Montaigne research team for literature, politics and modernity (TELEM). The programme also maintains close links with the research laboratory for mediation, information, communication and the arts (MICA), with Université Bordeaux Montaigne’s working group for cross-disciplinary research on aesthetics and societies (ARTES) and with the centre for social and political science (Centre Emile Durkheim). 

This Master’s programme is also behind the Université Bordeaux Montaigne’s centre for societal innovation (UBIC), which was created to provide services to private and public cultural stakeholders whilst also doubling up as a useful resource for students seeking entry into employment. 



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