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Master’s: Digital Documents and Digital Humanities



The Master’s in Digital Humanities includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is based on research activity and experience of the professional context in equal measures.

This Master’s is available as a choice between two subject pathways: a subject pathway in ‘Digital and Multimedia Project Design’ and a subject pathway in ‘Digital Documents and Digital Humanities’. Both pathways aim at students’ direct entry into employment, without doctoral studies. The programme combines university-taught competences, with skills gained through concrete experience of a range of socio-economic contexts. 
At the same time, the programme also draws on the scientific output of the team of teaching staff and university lecturer-researchers who contribute to the programme. 


This programme of study has been established in response to a need for skilled workers, equipped to meet the demands of a contemporary context that is increasingly defined by the presence and force of digital resources and devices. Designing digital services calls for a specific set of knowledge and skills. Several researchers, and in particular the Université Bordeaux Montaigne research laboratory for mediation, information, communication and the arts (MICA) are actively contributing to the formalisation of these skills. Depending on the pathway chosen, studies may be oriented towards professions related to multimedia content, or towards emerging professions related to digital information and analysis. 



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