Master’s in Cultural Heritage and Museums - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s in Cultural Heritage and Museums



The Master’s in Cultural Heritage and Museums includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units.

It is also based on research activity and experience of the professional context.

This Master’s includes a first year covering a common core curriculum that is undertaken by the whole year group. The programme then splits into two vocationally oriented subject pathways in the second year of this two-year programme.

  • A subject pathway entitled ‘Art Management’.
  • A subject pathway entitled ‘Mediation for Cultural Heritage and Culture’.

Both subject pathways aim at students’ direct entry into employment without doctoral studies. The pathways bring together university learning with skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts.


Programme objectives

This Master’s programme trains professionals in two key fields of cultural heritage: preventative conservation and art management on the one hand and the mediation and promotion of architecture and all forms of cultural heritage on the other hand.



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