Master’s in Philosophy and Research - Nature, Man and Society - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s in Philosophy and Research - Nature, Man and Society



The Master’s programme in ‘Philosophy’ includes a subject pathway entitled ‘Research and Philosophy - Man, Nature and Society’. It is geared towards professions in research and draws primarily on the scientific output of the university lecturer-researchers within the Department of Philosophy.


Programme objectives

The main objective of this subject pathway is to train students to meet the demands of philosophical research: writing a dissertation, devising a bibliography, developing their own philosophical knowledge, presenting their work in a seminar context, participating at colloquiums and the on-going progression towards a potential thesis subject. This programme of study, which is one of a kind in the Greater Southwest region of France, is characterised by the emphasis placed on specialised research in the dissertation element and by the great variety of themes covered within the seminar units.



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