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Master’s in Religions and Societies



This multidisciplinary research Master’s in ‘Religions and Societies’ includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. The programme opened in 2005 and pioneered the French public higher-education sector’s response to the threat posed by the religious mistrust so entrenched in French society. The unique variety of religious specialists at Université Bordeaux Montaigne has enabled us to develop a sophisticated programme of study, fuelling on-going reflection. This programme is the only Master’s programme in Religions and Societies to offer both on-site and distance-learning teaching. Each year between 90 and 100 students enrol for this programme.


Programme objectives

This Master’s programme is aligned with the concerns of the European Institute of Religious Sciences (IESR).

It has two priorities of equal importance.

  • Research, thanks to backing from Université Bordeaux Montaigne’s many research centres. The university lecturer-researchers who participate in this programme come from a range of different academic disciplines and research areas: history, French and foreign literature, the arts, foreign languages and cultures, philosophy, geography, politics, law etc. The programme draws on research that focuses particularly on the links between religions and their social, cultural and political contexts in France and abroad.

Students also participate in all these research activities. Distance-learning students must become involved in research projects underway in their place of residence. All students report back on their work via written reports, dossiers, oral communications etc. The most convincing work is then published in coedited publications tackling the question of religion.

  • Professional development: students are trained to be specialists in Religion as a social and cultural phenomenon. This includes equipping them with knowledge and skills that they can apply to the notion of Religion in a range of professional contexts. Thanks to the seminar units, optional internships and compulsory in-situ shadowing, students quickly become operational in the current socio-economic and political context, in France and abroad. Indeed many of our enrolled students are already living abroad.



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