Master’s: Interdisciplinary Studies of African Dynamics - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Master’s: Interdisciplinary Studies of African Dynamics



The Master’s programme in Development Studies with a subject pathway in ‘Interdisciplinary Studies of African Dynamics’ is a vocationally oriented pathway that brings together university learning and skills gained via experience in different socio-economic contexts.

This Master’s programme aims at students’ direct entry into employment, without the need for doctoral studies (although this option is by no means excluded).

The programme includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It is based in equal measure on research activity and experience of the professional context.


This programme of study brings together Université Bordeaux Montaigne (Department of Geography) and Sciences Po Bordeaux (Institution of Political Studies). It offers an introduction to the academic field and a multidisciplinary understanding of the issues currently at play in Africa.

Students choose to enrol in one of two programmes (Geography or Political Sciences), which is then also their specialism. There is also a common programme of study comprising classes and seminar units as part of a common core curriculum. This guarantees a multidisciplinary approach and enables students to acquire the knowledge and investigative techniques that are specific to the African territory. According to the specialism selected, the final degree awarded will either be a Master’s in Geography or a Master’s in Political Sciences. In either case, the specialism mentioned on the degree will be ‘Interdisciplinary Studies of African Dynamics’.

This Master’s programme of study trains students to be specialists in the interpretation of African dynamics. It offers a programme of study that is unique in France, bringing together specialist knowledge of the discipline with multidisciplinary skills that are linked to this specific zone. The programme seeks to compare theoretical knowledge with the actual study of these African territories, and enables students to acquire the appropriate and fundamental methodologies to do so.



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