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Master’s: International Studies and Projects (with English)



The Master’s in International Studies and Projects (with English) includes course units that cover the fundamentals of the discipline, its methodologies and organisational frameworks. These are necessary for leading (fundamental and applied) research projects in Information and Communication Sciences, in English- and French-speaking fields. One third of the course units are taught in English.

This programme of study, which is clearly oriented towards careers in research, draws first and foremost on the skill sets of the university lecturer-researchers and scientific-research professionals who contribute to the programme. The study of information and communications processes is set firmly within a globalised context.

This programme will also be available with Spanish and German from September 2019. 



The aim of this programme is to provide students with the key fundamentals of the discipline and its methodologies and an understanding of its organisational framework in order to be able to lead (fundamental and applied) research projects with regard to contemporary information and communications projects and associated issues.

The consideration of the globalised context in which these processes are implemented, which has in turn been brought about by the emergence of new digital technologies, constitutes the defining feature of this programme of training for research-oriented professions.

Backed by research bodies

The main research centre backing this programme of study is the accredited research unit at the Université Bordeaux Montaigne research laboratory for mediation, information, communication and the arts, MICA. MICA is conducting research into the main areas of investigation into Information and Communication Sciences (media, information and knowledge, contemporary experiences, digital humanities, communications organisation networks) within the Aquitaine region. This programme encourages a detailed investigation of the dynamics of the information and communications landscape within the cultural, socio-economic and socio-political contexts of English-speaking countries.

This is possible thanks to collaboration with researchers from the accredited research team at the Université Bordeaux Montaigne research laboratory for anglophone cultures and literatures, CLIMAS, who are also involved in the programme.

Backed by the professional world

Students gain key skills in research engineering and coordination thanks to the participation of several professionals who are specialists in the policies and organisational dynamics of research project management. These professionals also provide expertise on strategies for the optimisation of scientific findings and skills. (They include an occupational psychologist, and a career guidance and employment opportunities counsellor.)



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