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Master’s: Public and Political Communications



The Master’s in Public and Political Communications (CPP) includes theory-based, methodology-based and applied course units. It draws on research activity and experience of the professional context in equal measure.

This Master’s is vocationally oriented and comprises one single subject pathway entitled ‘Public and Political Communications’. It aims at students’ direct entry into employment. There is also the option of enrolling for a thesis, subject to certain requirements. This programme of study, which is merged with Sciences Po Bordeaux (Institute of Political Sciences), offers the opportunity to develop academic and professional skills, and to gain expert knowledge from these two institutions. 


The field of public communications is in expansion, with the local level occupying an increasingly important position especially in the context of globalisation and the spread of regional reforms, increased public expectations with regard to public institutions, the desire for increased citizen participation and the need to accompany public organisations as they experience changes and internal crises. The field of political communications has become a central issue in public debate and in the context of elections. More recently, faced with the threat of terrorism, political communications must be the tool with which to reassure citizens whilst also upholding fundamental French values.

This programme of study, which has been running for 17 years, is officially recognised as a vocational Master’s programme. Since 2005, the programme has been jointly managed by the Bordeaux Montaigne University Department of Information and Communication Sciences (ISIC) and by Sciences Po Bordeaux. The originality and appeal of this programme lie in the reduced number of merged course units in the first year of study, and then the full overlap in the second year with the Master’s programme offered by Sciences Po Bordeaux.

In this way, the programme brings together the high standards and expertise of the two institutions, and can provide a programme of study that meets the increasing demand from regional authorities and public and political institutions with regard to the training of professional communicators in this sector. As a result of the established reputation of this programme, the excellent employment entry rate and an ever-increasing flow of applications from candidates, the programme now has official accreditation from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The programme comprises one single subject pathway, entitled ‘Public and Political Communications (CPP)’. 



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