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Master’s: Regional Management of Sustainable Development



The Master’s in ‘Regional Management of Sustainable Development (GTDD)’ brings together the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability, with new modes of governance. This is a cross-disciplinary programme of study emphasising fundamental methodologies and theories, from a reflexive and critical stance, so as to favour the production and organic emergence of innovative forms of regional action.


The Master’s in Regional Management of Sustainable Development aims to shape experts in sustainable development by prioritising their capacity to adapt to current contexts of transition and change: democratic, regional and environmental shifts. It is a question of being able to evaluate the changes to organisations that sustainable development can bring about: from the implementation of the Agenda 21 action plan within an association, to the Environmental and Social Responsibility framework in place within a large company. The programme seeks to meet the demand from partner organisations for hybrid profiles competent in both operations and research, rather than purely technical profiles. Priority is given to exploring the scope for experimentation and innovation. The internship is built into this programme of study and conceived of as one step within the context of a long-term collaboration with organisations such as the Regional Council of Aquitaine. Interns may be recruited via an experimental multi-year programme currently being trialled, which deals with the evaluation of public policies and the question of citizen participation. The internship (four months in the first year, six months in the second year) is conceived of as an academic, university-driven contribution to a problem posed by a given company. The student acts as a point of contact between these two worlds.



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