Undergraduate Licence: Arabic - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Arabic



The intended aim of this undergraduate Licence programme is to offer students a solid training in Arabic civilisation and language.

The programme of study has been devised such as to enable students to progressively acquire oral and written language skills, which are strengthened by an understanding of Arabic and Muslim cultures in their three key dimensions: Medieval, Early Modern, and Contemporary. From the outset, students familiarise themselves with both dialectal and literary Arabic. Students practice written and oral literary Arabic via the essential use of resources from both written press and audiovisual media, and via the exploration of texts from classical and contemporary literature. 


The pedagogical intention of this programme of study has been scrupulously defined, in order to achieve a high level of language skills in students, as well as a wide knowledge of Arabic and Muslim history and civilisation. Perfect command of the French language; a veritable capacity for autonomous work; an earnest level of motivation; self-drive and rigour that are beyond reproach: these are the ingredients for success on this path of study. Students are strongly encouraged to go and stay in Arabic-speaking countries, which constitutes an important element of the learning process in this undergraduate Licence



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