Undergraduate Licence: Cinema - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Cinema



The Cinema pathway is organised to respond to four key objectives: linking theory and practice; encouraging an approach to cinema studies that is open to other artistic domains and artistic mediums; providing an awareness of global professional cinema and audiovisual networks; guiding each student in his or her personal learning plan and employment objectives.

This undergraduate Licence is distinctly human in scale, as there is a limited number of places available (80 students in the first year of study). The programme comprises both lectures and seminars, ensuring the transmission and acquisition of a dual knowledge base that is both scientific and professional in nature. In the first instance, this programme of study thus requires good writing, critical reading and organisation skills on the part of the student.

Many of the teachers on the Cinema programme are professionals who guarantee, from the second semester of the second year onwards, the transmission of their professional experience to students (for example as scriptwriters, film editors, camera personnel, producers, directors, specialists in audiovisual law, etc.). Students thus carry out a real range of practical projects throughout the programme (in screenplay, editing, and directing). This second element of the programme necessitates a great level of motivation, a spirit of initiative and teamwork, and a degree of adaptability and creativity on the part of the students.

Furthermore, for those students wishing to study abroad there is the possibility of undertaking one or two semesters within a foreign university (with opportunities particularly in Canada, Germany, Spain or even Italy) as part of the third year of study. 



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