Undergraduate Licence: English and German - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: English and German



The undergraduate Licence in English and German offers students the opportunity to study German and English, and enables students to gain strong skills in each of these two languages. Until now, students who wished to ‘study two languages’ at university had to enrol in the Licence in Applied Foreign Languages (LEA). It is now possible to study both English and German in the same way, within a demanding study pathway that combines course units on literature and civilisation, but which also includes translation and linguistics.

The Licence study pathway offers students in-depth learning in German and English, situating this within an intellectual, social and historical context. The programme of study intends to develop students’ capacity for critical thought and analysis, and to activate their faculty for written and oral expression, both in the foreign languages under study and in French. 

Linguistic, literary, historical and cultural approaches are brought together in one coherent programme.  


The learning objectives are: 

  • to gain a good command of German and English translation (towards and from French);
  • to gain a critical distance from the language systems under study, achieved via comparison with the French language, and particularly within the context of translation and foreign language summaries;
  • to be able to compose and orally present a developed argumentation, in response to problems and debates;
  • to be able to analyse speech and reference texts;
  • to be able to analyse images, cinema, theatre and media from the societies under study;
  • to gain command of cultural codes and references from the areas under study, and an ability to compare them.  



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