Undergraduate Licence: Information and Communication Studies - Spanish - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Information and Communication Studies - Spanish



This joint programme is now being offered for the first time at Université Bordeaux Montaigne.

At the end of the three years of this intensified programme, students will receive two degrees: an undergraduate Licence in Information and Communication Studies with a Spanish pathway, and an undergraduate Licence degree in Spanish and Regional Language, Literatures and Civilisations (LLCER) with an Information and Communication Studies pathway.

This will enable students to choose further study at Master’s level, in one of the specialities from the Information and Communication Studies or Spanish course programmes.


Innovative teaching and an interdisciplinary approach

In the current context of a tendency towards the digital humanities, the question of an interdisciplinary approach has a renewed relevance. It is an idea that certainly plays a key role in this original and innovative programme of study. This joint undergraduate Licence has been designed with a view to innovative teaching methods, bringing together a dual approach and thus preparing students as much for professional entry as for continued research, a field which currently offers many encouraging opportunities. The programme of study has been designed in order to prepare students to reflect on the role of digital technologies in culture, language, literature and history.

A merging of complementary fields of competence, for changing employment opportunities:

In a world that is ever more connected, multicultural, and multilingual, an increasingly central role is played by digital technologies, information, and communications. These spheres are now inseparably linked to questions of translation, adaptation, and intercultural communication. As such, the skills taught as part of the undergraduate Licence in Information and Communication Studies on the one hand, and the undergraduate Licence in Spanish and Regional Languages, Literatures and Civilisations (LLCER) on the other, complement each other perfectly.

Additional information

In-depth knowledge of a foreign culture (its language, history, literature, and arts) is a real asset in the management of information and communication systems and, on an international level, requires specifically intercultural expertise. A great and diverse range of cultural and geographical areas is tackled as part of this programme of study, including Spain, Latin America, and other countries with a significant Spanish presence (the United States, the Philippines, etc.). This joint undergraduate Licence paves the way towards careers in information and communications, within the field of interstate cooperation or within European institutions. Studying abroad is thus highly encouraged, and is possible thanks to the great many conventions between Université Bordeaux Montaigne and universities in European and Latin American countries.



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