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Undergraduate Licence: Mixed-Media Arts



Offering a balance between practical teaching and theory-based classes, the primary aim of the undergraduate Licence degree in Mixed-Media Arts is to teach students to master two key skills.

On the one hand, this skills-base is practical and is concerned with the acquisition of expertise, via concrete trialling of the different mediums available to mixed-media artists today. On the other hand, the programme teaches theoretical skills, in order to give meaning and direction to artistic production, not only within the context of contemporary artistic productions, but also within the context of a wide range of artistic styles and cultural and historical contexts.

Practical teaching

In the practice-based course units, the programme enables students to acquire fundamental skills, as well as the opportunity for greater exploration of particular techniques (including sculpture, engraving, painting, infographics, photography, video, silk-screen printing, and performance). The programme is particularly attentive to more recent technological innovations, attaching great importance to the teaching of ICT for creative purposes. Together, these specialised skills will enable each student to construct his or her identity as a mixed-media artist across the three years of study.


In terms of theory, the undergraduate programme aims at the acquisition of a solid and comprehensive general culture on the part of students, in both aesthetics and art history. Particular importance is placed on contemporary art, in order to raise students’ awareness of the current questions and issues surrounding mixed-media artistic creations. The programme favours a multidisciplinary perspective, embracing the history, theory and practice of other art forms and presenting multiple approaches to artistic activity (including literary, anthropological, sociological, and psychoanalytical).

Moreover, ever mindful of the current economic, artistic and cultural climates, the undergraduate Licence in Mixed-Media Arts is concerned with current occurrences in the art world, and those who are making them happen. The programme continues to develop partnerships with external institutions, companies and associations. Throughout the undergraduate Licence, and particularly in the third and final year of study, these partnerships enable students to become acquainted with the professional art world via internships, educational initiatives, exhibitions, and other artistic displays. The student association supports these cultural activities, forming an enduring link for students between being in education and becoming a professional.

This drive towards real openness to the outside world is completed by the acquisition of a foreign language, and by participation in the Erasmus exchange programme



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