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Undergraduate Licence: Theatre Studies



The Bordeaux Montaigne University undergraduate Licence in Theatre Studies enables students to acquire a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the domain of performing arts. The programme seeks to develop in its students a sense of analysis and observation, a critical awareness, an experimental approach to practice, and a feel for working as a team.

The objectives of this undergraduate Licence are manifold. Beyond the acquisition of what are generally accepted to be the fundamental principles of Theatre Studies (units in the history of theatre, the history of texts, drama, and aesthetics), the programme aims to introduce students to cultures and performance from elsewhere, via course units in theatres of the world. The programme also broadens students’ awareness of alternative cultural approaches and performance criticism, via units in anthropological, sociological, and ethnographical approaches. Units in cultural law and economics, and careers events, introduce students to the institutional and professional worlds of live performance.

Theoretical learning is accompanied by a great many workshops, encouraging students to discover the study of theatre through a wide range of practical experiments (including workshops on acting and performance, scenography, staging, magic performance, circus performance, marionettes and puppet art). This process of experimentation also aids students in the preparation of their student personal professional project (PPE), to be accomplished by the end of the undergraduate Licence.

Links have been forged between the Theatre Studies programme at Bordeaux Montaigne University and the professional world, via numerous partnerships with local theatres (including TnBA, Carré Colonnes, T4S, Glob Théâtre, La Boite à Jouer, Manufacture Atlantique, Pessac en Scéne, etc.), as well as with the cultural bodies of Bordeaux and the surrounding urban area. 

With a limited number of places (80 students in the first year of study), this undergraduate Licence in Theatre Studies is very human in its scale, enabling personalised monitoring and follow-up on student work and projects.

As a result of various international agreements, the Theatre Studies pathway has links with several foreign universities.  Universities of Venice, Bac─âu, Chicoutimi, Leicester, and Madrid are among those to welcome visiting students from Bordeaux each year.

This pathway also aims to familiarise the student with the structure of museum and heritage institutions. 



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