Undergraduate Licence: Art History - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Art History



Students who enrol in the undergraduate Licence in Art History and Archaeology are able to choose their specialism from the second semester of the first year, thanks to the two distinct study pathways available: Art History or Archaeological Sciences. 


The Art History pathway enables students to acquire a solid foundation in the fundamental learning, and to better understand physical traces left behind by human societies, which have been labelled as ‘art’.

The discipline is tackled chronologically, across the four recognised key periods: Ancient History, Medieval, Early Modern, and Contemporary. Students are thus encouraged to analyse a great diversity of works, and to question their nature (particularly via the study and dating of materials), their function, and their meanings, within a context in which history is considered as a sequence of events.

In the second and third years of this undergraduate Licence, the programme of study allows for students to prepare a specialisation that links into the Master’s programmes offered at Bordeaux Montaigne University.  Students thus choose to study certain aspects of art history, heritage, or archaeometry in greater depth.

This programme of study aims to instil in students solid methods for working processes: an ability to carry out independent documentary research projects; an ability to summarise and critically analyse objects of study (a work of art or a speech); a good command of written and oral expression.

The Art History pathway enables students to acquire a solid grounding in general culture by encouraging interaction with other disciplines (including history, classical literatures, modern literatures, and archaeological science). Students also become acquainted with the organisation of museum and heritage institutions. 



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