Undergraduate Licence: History - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: History



Why study History?

Spanning all the fields of historical knowledge, from Ancient History to the modern day, this programme of study provides students with a solid and universal historical knowledge base, enabling them to develop their critical skills via an introduction to the debates and methodologies of the discipline of history.

The interaction with other disciplines gives students the best possible preparation for a range of professional fields. 


The objectives of this programme of study are:

  • to gain a good command of the four key periods of history, their methods of documentary analysis applied, and their scientific updates;
  • to explore the discipline of history thematically (political; economic; social; cultural; religious);
  • to gain good command of the academic exercises associated with the discipline of history (composition; written and oral accounts; critical analysis and summary; construction and justification of reasoned arguments);
  • to develop an ability to draw upon relevant tools for documentation;
  • to develop an ability for critical reflection;
  • to gain an introduction to a complementary discipline and its particularities (its concepts and methods; its unique themes; its cultural fields of study);
  • to gain good command of communication tools (information and communication technologies);
  • to gain good command of at least one modern foreign language.

In order to meet these objectives, an active teaching method has been implemented, in which students are the drivers of their own learning (via preparatory work in advance of lectures and seminars; written exercises; oral exercises).


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Learning all of these skills means that students are offered a specialised programme of study, but the knowledge that they gain will also be applicable far beyond the academic setting.   



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