Undergraduate Licence: Humanist and Scientific Culture - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Humanist and Scientific Culture



The undergraduate Licence in Humanist and Scientific Culture is a programme of study that is based on multidisciplinary teaching. The programme aims to favour a thorough and varied contact with knowledge and learning, thanks to the historical and epistemological approaches taken to the disciplines concerned, together with artistic practice that confronts research processes with creative processes.

Specialised teaching staff deliver the teaching, across four course blocks of equal weighting:  ‘Literatures and Languages’, ‘Science and Technology’, ‘the Arts’, and ‘Human and Social Sciences’. Together, these blocks constitute the basis of what has come to be called ‘Culture’. It is a matter of understanding the particularities and issues concerned, via a comparative approach that is possible thanks firstly to the choice of semester-wide themes which are common to all the disciplines studied, meaning that the course blocks can be structured and connected rather than simply juxtaposed, and secondly, to the interdisciplinary seminars (three per semester), which are joint-led by specialists who come from different fields but who nevertheless are all responding to the same object of study. 


Within the French university landscape, there are no programmes of study that offer a truly interdisciplinary approach that confronts art with knowledge. Yet a great many areas of employment and social functions demand this interdisciplinary approach to learning: for example, education (where the idea of a ‘common knowledge base’ is often discussed), information technology (where the non-technical and the expert work alongside one another), outreach and communication (whether cultural or scientific), human and social relations (HR departments; administration; politics), and professions related to the book trade and archiving.

The first entry cohort was welcomed in September 2011. 



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