Undergraduate Licence: Philosophy - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Undergraduate Licence: Philosophy



This undergraduate Licence aims to:

  • Ensure a general and fundamental training in philosophy, in the fields of general philosophy and the history of philosophy from Ancient History to the contemporary period; in ontology and metaphysics; in the philosophy of knowledge and the epistemology of logic, maths, the natural sciences and the human sciences; in moral philosophy, political philosophy and the philosophy of aesthetics.
  • Highlight the links between philosophical activity on the one hand, and other skills and practices on the other: the human sciences; the arts; the natural sciences; politics; medicine; the practice of languages and religions, etc.
  • Ensure the command of fundamental academic skills, such as composition, commentary of French and foreign language texts, and oral presentations.
  • Deliver a generalist programme of undergraduate study in philosophy, whose value lies in the diversity of its approach and the particular characteristics of certain fields studied: 18th century philosophy; philosophy of the human sciences; the Anglo-Saxon philosophical tradition; analytic philosophy; political philosophy; the philosophy of art; philosophy of religion; phenomenology.  Furthermore, this learning is then systematically studied in greater depth and within clearly distinguished modules, as part of the Master’s in Philosophy.  



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