Evening classes: calendar - DEFLE - French as a Foreign Language

Evening classes: calendar

Academic year 2019-2020

Placement test for Semester 1

Thursday 17th September 2019 at 4:30pm

Start of classes Semester 1 (S1)

Monday 30th September 2019

Autumn holidays

From Saturday 26th October to Sunday 3rd November 2019

Teaching recommences and Semester 1 ends

From Monday 4th November to Thursday 12nd December 2019

Exams Semester 1

From Monday 09th to Thursday 12nd December 2019

Placement test Semester 2

Thursday 21st January 2020 at 4.30 pm

Start of classes Semester 2 (S2)

Monday 27th on January 2020

Winter holidays

From Saturday 22nd February to  Sunday 8th on March 2020

Teaching recommences Semester 2 ends

From Monday 9th on March to Friday 17th on April 2020

Exams Semester 2

From 14th to 17th on April 2020


University closures (no teaching):


  • Monday 11st November 2019 (Armistice 1918)
  • From Saturday 21st December 2019 to Monday 6th January 2020
  • Monday 13rd April 2020 (Easter)
  • Friday 1st May 2020 (Labour Day)
  • Friday 8th May 2020 (Victory Day 1945)
  • Thursday 21st and and Friday 22nd May 2020 (Ascension Day)
  • Monday 1st June 2020 (Pentecost)
  • From Friday 24th July to Wednesday 19th August 2020.